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11 Aug emotions

emotionsGame: Emotional Orchestra
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Practice area: Feeling/emotions vocabulary
Minimum number of participants: 2
Resources needed: Pieces of paper with emotions on it.
Instructions: Each student in the group chooses a piece of paper with an emotion on it. You may need to pre teach some of the vocabulary but make sure that everyone understands their emotion. Go around the group and ask each student to make a movement and a sound that is connected to their chosen emotion. When everyone has done that explain that the teacher is going to be a conductor and when he/she counts to three he/she will conduct an emotional orchestra. Teacher counts to three and everyone makes their movement and their sound together. If the conductor raises their hands the volume must go and if the conductor puts their hands near their chest then it should be a medium volume and if the hands are by the waist it should be low and quiet. The purpose of this exercise is practice emotion and vocabulary and to get the students to use their imagination and creativity.
This activity can be used to practice other vocabulary
Jungle Symphony – (Jungle symphony)
Kitchen Symphony – (Kitchen utensils)
Transport Symphony – (Types of transport)

Drama Class – Endings

10 Jul

Drama Class

• The high point for me was when …
• The low point for me was when …
• The hardest thing for me was …
• The easiest thing for me was …
• What surprised me was …
• Something I knew would happen was …
• Nobody listened when …
• I’m really pleased that I …
• I wish I had …
• I felt like going home when …
• If I’d had a camera …
• If I could do it again I would …
• I wish I had been asked …
• I was annoyed when …
• My motivation went down when …
• My motivation went up when …
• I was helped by …
• I helped …
• I appreciated …
• I was appreciated by …
• I’d like to complain to …
• I’d like to congratulate …
• I’d like the group to tell me …
• One last thing I’d like to say is …

Groups of 2 or 3 walk from one side of the stage (or room) to the other. This journey represents 1000 years. Each group has two minutes to complete the journey. They pause at 3, 4 or 5 points on their journey to illustrate a key moment in history. If three people are working together, one can be a narrator.

Touch Someone Who…
…you’d like to get to know better.
…you think is a good leader
…inspires you.
…you appreciate.
…you admire.
…is a consistent person.
…you wish you knew more about
…makes you laugh.
…communicates well.
…is a positive influence.
…works well with others.
…you have learned from.
…you enjoy being around
Coded Messages!




The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – a script

10 Jul


 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Cast of Characters:
Voice Over/Stag
Mrs Macready – the professor’s housekeeper
Mr Tumnus – Faun
White Witch
Grumpskin – the dwarf
Reindeer 1
Reindeer 2
Mr Beaver
Mrs Beaver
Father Christmas
Wolf 1
Wolf 2
Maugrim – the white witch’s chief of police
Leopard 1
Leopard 2

Voiceover: In 1940, four siblings – Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie – are among many children evacuated from London during World War II to escape the Blitz. They are sent to the countryside to live with professor Digory Kirke.
(The children arrive at the steps of the professor’s house.)
(The housekeeper answers the door.)
Macready: So! You’ll be the evacuees. One, two, three, four. I suppose we will find room for you.
Professor: (appearing on the step) Of course we will find a room for you. Let me see you will be Peter, and Susan and Edgar.
Edmund: No, Edmund.
Professor: Oh I beg your pardon. Edmund and you must be Lucy child of light.
Lucy: No, just Lucy.
Professor: Well I’m Professor Kirke and this is my housekeep Mrs Macready (whispers). Don’t mind her. Her bark is worse than her bite. Mrs Macready will show you to your room.
Mrs Macready: Walk this way. (shows them to their room). You shall sleep here. Tea will be at 6pm sharp. Don’t be late. If there is one I can’t stand, it is lateness.
(Mrs Macready walks off and leaves the children in the room.)
Susan: (Throws down her suitcase.) We have landed on feet here and no mistake.
Edmund: The professor seems really nice but that Mrs Macready seems a bit scary. (He does an impression of her walk.)
Lucy: I know what we should do before tea. We should explore.
(They run through the house.)
(They stop and look at a painting.)
(Professor walks in from behind.)
Professor: Come, I will show you around. We will start with this painting.
Lucy: Who are those funny looking girl and boy on a horse with wings?
Professor: Me and my friend Polly years ago.
Susan: You are flying over a beautiful country where is that?
Professor: (Looks at watch) Oh no! it is sixteen and half minutes past two I must return to work.
Peter: What are you working on?
Professor: I am working on wonders, Peter wonders. I will let you explore the house by yourself. See you at tea time.
(The children run through the house)
Susan: Room after room
Peter: and all of them lined with books.
Lucy: Look they got “The Secret Garden.”
Edmund: and “Treasure Island.”
Susan: “The Railway Children”
Edmund: “ Around the World in Eighty Days”.
Peter: Look they are some more steps.
Susan: What a funny looking room.
(There is a large wardrobe sitting in the room)
Edmund: (looks inside the room) It is empty.
Lucy: Except for this large wardrobe. (Points to the wardrobe.)
Peter: Come on. (They all leave except for Lucy.)
Lucy: It is probably locked. (She opens it and goes inside the wardrobe.) What’s this hundred of fur coats. It must be a very large wardrobe. What’s this under my feet mothballs, no, it is soft and very cold it feels like snow. And they fur rubbing my face feels like a Christmas tree and there is a light ahead of me glowing.
(Lucy steps out the wardrobe and she is in Narnia. There is some winter music.)
Lucy: I can still see the room through the wardrobe. It is daytime back there and night time here. I can always go back if I get scared. I’ll walk toward the light. (Comes across a lamppost.) That’s odd who put a lamp in the middle of the woods.
(Enter Tumnun, A faun half man half goat.)
Tumnus: Goodness Gracious.
Lucy: Good evening
Tumnus: Good evening. I don’t mean to be rude but am I right in thinking you are a daughter of Eve. (Walks round her, sniffing and prodding her.)
Lucy: My name is Lucy.
Tumnus: Are you what they call a girl?
Lucy: Of course I am a girl
Tumnus: You are a human?
Lucy: Of course I am.
Tumnus: Oh, how silly of me but I have never seen a son of Adam or a daughter of Eve before. (Stops and thinks) I am delighted, delighted allow me to introduce myself. I am Mr. Tumnus.
Lucy: Very pleased to meet you, Mr Tumnus .
Tumnus: And may I ask, O Lucy how you came to Narnia?
Lucy: Narnia! What’s Narnia?
Tumnus: All that lies between the lamp post and the great castle on the eastern sea is the land of Narnia.
Lucy: I came here through the wardrobe door in the spare room.
Tumnus: I don’t know that strange country I should have listened more in Geography class.
Lucy: The wardrobe is not a country and it is quite different there. There it is summer time.
Tumnus: In the land of Narnia, it is winter. Would you like to come and have tea with me Lucy?
Lucy: I better be getting back but thank you.
Tumnus: But it is just around the corner. There will roaring fire and tea and biscuits.
Lucy: Ok but I can´t stay long. (Off they go off stage arm in arm.)
(They arrive in Mr Tumnus’s home.)
Tumnus: My humble home, after you daughter of Eve
Lucy: (hesitates for a second) Thank you Mr. Tumnus.
Tumnus: Take a seat and I will prepare the tea
(Lucy looks around, picks up some items or books.)
Tumnus: Now daughter of Eve. (He carries a tray to their table) I wasn’t sure what you like so I’ve done everything.
Lucy: Oh that will do they both start eating.
Lucy: Mr. Tumnus, that was lovely but I really mist be going.
Mr Tumnus: (shakes his head sorrowfully.) It is no good now you know.
Lucy: (appears frighten) Mr Tumnus, whatever is the matter?
(Mr Tumnus starts crying.)
Lucy: Please don´t, (goes over and gives him a hug and hankechief so he can dry his eyes.) Stop it Mr Tumnus a great big faun like you shouldn´t cry.
Tumnus: But you don’t understand I am a really bad faun. I’m the worst faun ever. I’m paid to be kidnapper for the white witch.
Lucy: Who is the White Witch?
Tumnus: She is the one that keeps Narnia under her evil thumb. She is the one that makes Narnia always winter and never Christmas.
Lucy: But you wouldn’t kidnap anyone you are too kind.
Tumnus: But I have.
Lucy: I’m sure you are very sorry and won’t do it again.
Tumnus: But I haven’t done it I am doing it now. I am kidnapping you. The white witch told me if I ever saw children I must kidnap them fort her and you are the first one I have met.
Lucy: Please leave me go home
Tumnus: If she finds out, she will turn me into a statue outside her house. But now I know you I can’t turn you in. If I see you back to the lamppost can you find your way back to Spare oom and War drobe
Lucy: I think so.
Tumnus: We must be careful as the whole wood is full of her spies.
(Off they go arm in arm.)
(Lucy goes back into through the wardrobe and meets the other children on the garden steps.)
(She runs up and hugs them.)

Lucy: I’m here, I’m here, I have come back I’m all right.
Susan: What are you talking about Lucy?
Lucy: Have you not being wondering where I was?
Peter: Have you been hiding we didn’t notice?
Lucy: But I have been away for hours and hours.
(The other stare at her and put their eyes up to heaven.)
(Peter looks at the audience and says she has gone mad.)
Edmund: What happened Lucy?
Lucy: I went through the wardrobe and I’ve been away for hours and hours and lots of things happened.
Susan: Don’t be silly we just left you that room and came out here.
Peter: You are making it up.
Lucy: I’m not, it is a magic wardrobe. There is a wood inside it and its snowing and there is a faun and a witch. It is called Narnia, come and see.
(They follow her and go to the wardrobe.)
Susan: It is just an ordinary wardrobe.
Peter: Solid wood. (He knocks on it.)
Edmund: Just like Lucy´s head.
Peter: Very funny Lucy, you fooled us.
Lucy: But it wasn’t a joke. Honestly
Peter: Come on everyone let’s play in the garden. (They leave Lucy in the room.)
(Lucy jumps into the wardrobe and Edmund comes back into the room just in time to see Lucy vanishing. He follows her.)
Edmund: (shivers) Lucy! Lucy! Come back I’m sorry I didn’t believe you I’m here now. (Looks at the audience.) Typical girl she must be sulking.
(Next he see is a sledge being pulled by two reindeers and a dwarf driving it and in the middle of the sledge is the white witch.)
Witch: STOP!
(Grumpskin pulls up the reindeer.)
Witch: Who are you?
Edmund: I’m, I’m Edmund.
Witch: Is that a way to address a queen?
Edmund: I don’t know.
Grumpskin: He doesn’t know?
White Witch: Doesn’t know the queen of Narnia. I repeat my question what are you?
(Edmund just stares and bows)
White Witch: I see I’m dealing with an idiot. Are you human?
Edmund: Yessssssssssss your majesty. (He bows.)
White Witch: How did you get her?
Edmund: Through the wardrobe.
Grumpskin: A wardrobe.
Edmund: I just opened the door and just found myself here.
White Witch: Come here my child, how cold you look, I will put my fur a round and we will talk. Do you like Turkish Delight?
Edmund: It is my favourite.
WW: Here have some. (Gives him the Turkish Delight.) I have an unlimited supply in my castle.
WW: (Scoffs the Turlkish Delight). Do you live alone son of Adam in your world?
Edmund: No, I have 2 sisters and brother.
WW: Two daughters of Eve and a son of Adam.
Grumpskin: That’s four.
WW: Do all people know about Narnia in your world?
Edmund: Only me and my brother and sisters. One of my sisters had tea with a faun.
(Grumpskin whispers to the queen.)
Grumpskin: Four of them. Does your majesty remember the story about the four thrones at the Cair Pavel castle?
When adam´s flersh and adam’s bone
Sit at Cair Pavel in Throne
The evil time will be over and gone.
White Witch: I would like to meet your brother and sisters will you bring them tom me,. If you do I will give you more Turkish Delight.
Edmund: But there is nothing special about them.
WW: but I would so like to meet. By the way don’t mention me to them as the faun may have told your sister nasty stories about me,.
Edmund: Could I have some more Turkish Delight to eat on the way home?
WW: No, you must wait until next time. Onwards! (Reindeers drive the sledge off stage with the White Witch and Grumpskin on it.)
Grumpskin: (shouts back) Come back soon.
(Lucy appears and runs over to Edmund and gives him a hug.)
Lucy: Edmund, so you got in too.
Edmund: Lucy you were right it is a magic wardrobe but where have you been I have looked everywhere?
Lucy: I have been with Mr Tumnus the WW didn’t find out about him letting me go.
Edmund: The White Witch who is she?
Lucy: She calls herself the queen of Narnia but all the fauns and animals all hate her. She is the reason it is always winter in Narnia.
Edmund: I’m cold let’s go home.
Lucy: Oh Edmund I am so happy you have seen Narnia too, The others have to believe me now.
(Lucy takes Edmund’s hand and they plunge themselves in the wardrobe door.)
(Curtains close Reindeer and robin do an improvisation)
(Curtains open the four children arrive back through the wardrobe)
Peter: We are sorry we didn’t believe you Lucy
Susan: Where are we going?
Peter: Lucy you lead the way.
Lucy: Let’s go see Mr Tumnus.
(They get to his house and there is a sign on the door.)
(Susan look at that sign read it out Lucy.)
Susan: The former occupant of this house the faun Tumnus is under arrest awaiting trial for big treason against her majesty the Queen of Narnia, for comforting her enemies and being friendly with humans signed Maugrim the captain of the secret police long live the queen.
Susan: I don’t much like Narnia.
Peter: Who is the queen?
Lucy: She is not the real queen nobody like hers. She cast a spell over the whole country so that it is always winter and never Christmas
Susan: This isn’t a nice place. I’m freezing we should go home
Lucy: But we must help the faun
Edmund: We can’t help and we don’t have any food.
Peter: Be quiet Edmund.
Lucy: What should we do Susan?
Susan: I want to go home but Lucy is right we must help the faun. Look there is a robin he wants us to follow him. (They all follow the Robin.)
Susan: The robin is gone.
(They hear a noise and a beaver emerges)
Beaver: Crouch down and make yourself small as you can
(They make noise)
Beaver: Not so loud please we are not safe her.
Peter: But there is no one here but us.
Beaver: Shhh the trees have ears.
Edmund: Not to be rude but how do we know you are friendly
(Beaver takes out a handkerchief.)
Lucy: This is the handkerchief I gave to Mister Tumnus.
Beaver: Before he was arrested he gave it to me. He said if anything happened I must find you and take you. (He whispers) They say Aslan is on the move.
(Aslan Music)
Children: Aslan
Lucy: But where is Mr Tumnus?
Beaver: Not here come down to my house for a talk and some dinner.
(They follow the beaver to his house and it looks as if Mrs Beaver expecting them.)
Beaver: Here we are Mrs Beaver i found them the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve.
Mrs Beaver: Great the potatoes are boiling and the kettle is singing. Did you collect some fish Mr beaver?
Beaver: I did indeed. (gives her the fish.)
Mrs Beaver: Good now you can help me set the table and put the plates in the oven while i fry the fish.
(They eat the food.)

Beaver: Better get down to business.
Lucy: What happened to Mr Tumnus?
Beaver: (shakes his head) A very bad business he was taken off by the secret police. The magpie told me all about it, they were seen heading northwards and we know all what that means don’t we?
Children: No
Beaver: They are taking him to the witch’s palace where they will turn him to a statue.
Lucy: We must go after him.
Beaver: People who go into that house never come out alive. We can’t save him but Aslan is on the move.
Lucy: We must try. Where is Edmund gone?
Beaver: Oh it is what I feared. The witch has got to him. He has gone over to the dark side.
Lucy: How will save him.
Beaver: We must go to the stone table because Aslan will be there and he will know what to do.

Outside the witch’s palace
(The unicorn, centaur, eagle , deer all statues)
(Grumpskin and the two reindeers bring in Mr. Tumnus and line him up the other statues. They then exit the stage.)
Mr Tumnus: I’m not the only statue here.
Unicorn: Did the white witch put a spell on you too?
Mr.Tumnus: She turned me into stone because she said I was a traitor.
Eagle: Why what did you do?
Mr.Tumnus: I met a daughter of Eve and I never told her.
All: A daughter of Eve.
Deer: What did she look like?
Mr.Tumnus: She was so beautiful and kind I just couldn’t let the white witch kill her.
Centaur: Now you are stuck here like the rest of us. That was a bit silly?
Mr.Tumnus: Well why are you all here.
Centaur: She didn’t like the look of me.
Eagle: She didn’t want me spreading my wings.
Deer: I could run fast than her
Unicorn: She said I wasn’t a real horse because I have wings.
Eagle: We are so sad being here but we can’t even cry because our tears turn to stone.
Mr.Tumnus: Are we stuck here for the rest eternity?
Centaur: Looks like it.
Deer: Only Aslan can save us and break the spell.
Mr.Tumnus: How depressing!
Centaur: Ssshhh someone is coming
(Edmund walks in and curiously looks at the statues. The white witch enter with Maugrim and his wolves. Edmund bows)
Edmund: I have come your majesty
Witch: How dare you come alone? Did I not tell you to bring the other three?
Maugrim: Answer the question.
Edmund: I’ve done my best but they are at the beaver’s house.
Witch: Is this all you have for me?
Edmund: No your majesty Aslan is on the move.
(Witch turns to Maugrim and whispers)
Witch: We must be ready for our journey.
Maugrim: Everything is prepared.
Edmund: Now can I have the Turkish delight.
Witch: Silence fool, Maugrim take these two wolves to the beavers house and kill whatever you find there. Then go to the stone table and wait for me.
Maugrim: I hear and obey and summons the wolves.
Witch: Grumpskin make ready out sledge.
(Curtains Close)
(Maugrim and wolves arrive at the beaver house. They improvise with the audience about where the beavers and children have gone)
(They exit the stage and the children and the beavers come from the back of the stage.)
Beaver: Keep going
Peter: Come on
Beaver: The dawn is coming.
Mrs Beaver: Sound like the witch sledge.
Susan: Quick everyone hide. (They can hide in the audience).
Enters Father Christmas. (Improvise with audience)
(The beavers and the children slowly come out from their hiding places in the audience.)
Beaver: What are you doing here? Narnia is always winter and never Christmas.
Father Christmas: Happy Christmas to you too. Aslan has broken the spell. Now it is Christmas and I have some presents for the children. Lucy this is for you.
Lucy: A dagger and a drink. (doesn’t look too impressed.)
Father Christmas: It is a special cordial. It can cure any sickness, Use it wisely. Susan this is for you a bow and arrow and a special horn that will be bring you help if you are in trouble. And finally Peter this is for you. It is a dagger.
Children: Thank you! Father Christmas,
(Father Christmas, exits and they carry on their journey.)
(Witch, Grumpskin, Edmund and the two reindeers enters from the back of the stage.)
(The snow is melting and the sledge gets stuck.)
Witch: How can the snow be melting it is always white in Narnia.
Edmund: Look there are daffodils over there. Spring has come.
Witch: Then we must walk.
(Curtains open and there is a stone table, sitting there are Aslan and the two leopards.

The Stone Table
(A kingfisher flies by.)
Lucy: There is a Kingfisher Winter is really over.
Beaver: This definitely is Spring. This definitely is Spring.
They reach the stone table. Aslan is standing there with two leopards
Leopard 1: All who love love living come to the table.
All who love Aslan come to the table.
There is plenty of room at the table.
Leopard 2: Peter and Susan come to the table.
Lucy and Beaver come to the table.
All who love Aslan come to the table.
There is plenty of room at the table for all.
Aslan: Welcome but where is Edmund?
Beaver: He tried to betray us and joined the white witch. O Aslan! (He bows)
Lucy: Can you save Edmund?
Aslan: I shall do my best meanwhile let’s prepare a feast.
(They all go off stage)
(Maugrim and the two wolves come on stage. They improvise with the audience about where the children have gone.)
(Lucy walks out on stage and she is picking daffodils.)
(They grab her and Maugrim tries to kidnap her but Peter and Sucy walk on the stage.)
Susan: Oh my goodness they are trying to take Lucy. (She uses her bow and arrow to knocks Maugrim sword out of his hand.)
(Peter stabs Maugrim and Lucy is freed. The two wolves run off the stage)
Peter: Lucy are you okay.
Lucy: Yes I’m fine but let’s follow them they know where Edmund is.
Susan: Good idea! (So they chase the wolves.)

The Witch’s palace
(Edmund is among the statues asking them how they go to be there. They are telling him how evil the witch is.)
(Wolves come racing in and Edmund hides.)
(Wolves ask the audience where Edmund is. They eventually catch him).
Wolf 1: Now we caught you.
Wolf 2: And we are going to kill you.
Edmund: Please don’t.
The other children come on the stage.
Peter: Stop! (Wolf stabs Edmund and he lies wounded on the ground.)
Susan: Use your horn Lucy to call for help.
(Lucy blows her horn.)
(White Witch enters.)
White Witch: At last I have you all now I’m going to turn you into stone so you can my other garden statue.
(She goes to wave her magic wand. Susan uses her bow and arrow.)
White Witch: What is happening?
Unicorn: Look we are back to normal.
Centaur: We can move.
Eagle: Look! Aslan is back.
Deer: He must have broken the spell.
All: Let’s get her.
(They grab her.)
(Lucy runs to Edmund. His head is in her lap.)
Edmund: I’m so sorry I betrayed you. I’m dying.
Lucy: Drink this quickly. Father Christmas gave it to me and it will cure any illness.
(Edmund drinks and recovers very quickly.)
(Aslan enters with all the other characters.)
Aslan: I now crown you Kings and Queens of Narnia.
Aslan: King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, King Edmund the Just, and Queen Lucy the Valiant. (They all bow in front of him and are given crowns and they sit on their thrones.)
Dance finale.
Voiceover: The children ruled Narnia for 15 years. They were very fair and everyone was happy.
One day while they were chasing a stag.
(Enter the children)
Peter: Did you see him?
Lucy: He is over there.
Edmund: Come over here by the trees. Quickly.
Susan: There are trees with coats on them.
Lucy: Do you think we should go through them?
Peter: Maybe we could find our way home.
(They go through the trees and come out the wardrobe and are in the room in the professor’s house.
Professor: Children, Children where are you?
Children: We are here.
Professor: Your tea is ready you don’t want to be late as Mrs Macready won’t be happy if you let it get cold. If there is one thing she can’t stand it is lateness.
(They all skip off for tea.)
The End.

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Free ebook on amazon

10 Jul

Stage Start TWO KindleStage Start Two – 20 more plays for children
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Stage Start Two is a collection of 20 plays which provides children with an
opportunity to have lots of fun and enjoyment as well as help them develop
reading, comprehension and communication skills. The following plays are
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Humpty Dumpty
Little Bunny Foo Foo
Three Little Pigs
The Missing Reindeer
The Elves and the Shoemaker
The Magic Porridge Pot
The Stone Soup
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
King Midas
The Tiger, Old Man and the Jackal
Peter Pan
The Happy Prince
How the Elephant got his Trunk
Alice in Wonderland
Home for Christmas
A Night Out
It is Better to Forget
The Body
Saint Bernadette

Circle Games

2 Jul circle

Circle Game 1

The Bear and the Honey Pot
The children sit in a circle, one of them volunteers to be in the middle. The volunteer becomes Mr Bear and his job is to mind the honeypot.
All the children sing the following song
Isn’t it funny how a bear likes honey?
Buzz, buzz, buzz, I wonder why he does!
Children then say “Go to sleep, Mr Bear”.
Mr Bear goes to sleep and the teacher taps one of the children on the should and they have to try to take the honey. As soon as they pick up the pot, all the children shout “Wake up, Mr Bear” and the child chases the “thief” round the outside of the circle until they get to their place again and sit down.

Circle Game 2
Ball Roll
This is a fun and easy game to play with young children. It help with coordination skills. You need a ball. All the children sit in a circle with their legs wide open. The say the following rhyme as they roll the ball to on another.
Roll the ball, roll the ball, roll the ball to (name)
(name) has got the ball, roll it back to me.

Circle Game 3
Choose 5 or 6 children to be elephants and they must stand outside the circle. and all the rest of the children sit in a circle and they make a spider’s web. They all sing one elephant came out to play, upon a spider’s web one day, he thought it such enormous fun that he called for another elephant to come.
2 elephants came out to play, upon a spider’s web one day, they thought it such enormous fun that he called for another elephant to come.
It continues like this until all the elephants are in the circle. They must all walk like elephants and show their trunks. Everyone can have a chance at being an elephant.

The Lion and the Mouse – five minute play

1 Jul

Originally posted on Drama Start:

llta_lion_angry_mouseThe Lion and the Mouse

Characters: Three Storytellers, Lion, Mouse, Elephants, Giraffes, Snake/s, Owls. You can have as many elephants, giraffes, snakes and owls as you want.

(Stage Directions: all the animals are in a semi-circle on the stage; they are grouped according to their animal type. Storytellers can be placed on the right or the left of the stage.)

Storyteller 1: One hot day a lion was asleep in a cave. (Lion is sleeping in the centre of the stage.)

Storyteller 2: Suddenly a little mouse ran over his paw.  (Mouse comes scampering out quickly and touches the Lion’s paw.)

Storyteller 3: The lion woke up with a loud roar. He grabbed the mouse with his paw and said … (Lion wakes up and grabs the mouse.)

Lion: I’m going to kill you and eat you up. (Lion roars loudly.)

Mouse: Squeak, Squeak! Please, Mr. Lion, Please…

View original 532 more words

The Hare and the tortoise – A play for children

1 Jul

Originally posted on Drama Start:

The-Hare-And-The-Tortoise-001The Hare and the Tortoise

Characters: 3 storytellers, hare, tortoise, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, bears and an eagle.

(Stage Directions: The three storytellers are on the left hand side of the stage and the tortoise is moving around the stage in slow motion.).

Storyteller 1: Once upon a time there lived a tortoise.

Storyteller: 2: He liked to go for a leisurely stroll by the edge of a big forest.

Storyteller 3: One day a hare came bounding up towards him. (Hare comes running on the stage.)

Hare: (He pushes the tortoise out of the way and nearly knocks him over.) Out of my way you slow coach. You must be so bored because it takes you so long to get anywhere.

Storyteller 1: The tortoise looked up at the hare and said…

Tortoise: I know I could beat you in a race any day.

Hare: You…

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Teacher in Role – Explained

20 Jun

teacherinroleDrama is an excellent tool for bring lessons to life. It not only stimulates creativity and imagination in a fun and enjoyable way but it can heighten a child’s self-confidence and improve concentration and co-operation skills. One of the most effective drama techniques that I have used in the classroom is “Teacher in Role”.

Teacher in Role
The teacher takes on a role as part of a story and the children interact with the teacher inside the confines of this role.

This technique allows the child to engage with the story of the drama. If the teacher is fully immersed in her/his role it makes an easier for the children to use their imagination and enter into their own roles. It is an effective way to get the children involved in the story.

The teacher explains very clearly at the outset that they are going to take on a particular role/s in the drama. It is important that the teacher chooses the roles carefully. The must think about what the learning objective is for that particular drama.
For example
If the objective is to:
To stimulate the imagination – the teacher could take on the role of Aladdin and the children could ask what he had seen the magical cave.
To help reach a consensus – the teacher could be a police officer who has come to sort out an accident and the children could be witnesses to the accident.
To help make suggestions – the teacher could be someone with a problem looking for a solution. The children could offer him choices.
To offer advice – the teacher could be Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. He could be looking for advice whether to accept the beans, climb the beanstalk, etc..,
The teacher can assume more than one role in the drama. However she/he should make it very clear to the children whenever H/she uses a certain prop or costume they are in role as that particular person.
If she wears an apron she is Jack’s mother
If she picks up a baton she is the police officer.
It is important that the teacher comes out of role at certain times during the drama as this will allow the children and teacher to feedback and reflect what is happening within the drama.

The teacher in Role (TIR) technique can be used at any age or level however it is particularly effective with younger children as they are willing to take on any role they are given without question. They are very quick to use their creativity and engage in an imaginary world.

Drama plan based on the story “The day the sea went out and never came back” by Margot Sunderland

19 Jun

Drama plan based on the story “The day the sea went out and never came back”
by Margot Sunderland.

the sea

Placing group in the role of experts:
To place the group in the role of experts welcome the children as happiness experts. Ask them what makes people happy? They can use their own experience. Ask them to mime what makes them happy. The happiness helpers work in the happiness office. If someone is or if they know someone who is sad then they contact the happiness office and the happiness helpers will try to help.

Ask the group to answer the Phones in the happiness office.
“Hello Happiness Office … speaking how many I help you.” Ask the group to move around the room, shaking hands with everyone and each time they repeat the greeting. If they would like to add their own words or have their own greeting they may do so.

Using an email to introduce the problem
The helpers are on the computer when an email arrives from

Read out the email
Dear Happiness Helpers
I live on the beach and there is a sand dragon just lying on the beach. He doesn’t look well I asked him what is wrong and he said he is very sad because his good friend the sea went out but unfortunately never came back.
Please can you help?
Best Wishes
Surf the dog.

Brainstorming/reflecting in role
Ask them if they have any ideas about what to do. Do they need extra detail? How long has the sea gone? Has she done this before? Where does she usually go? What does she look like? How long has the sand dragon been friends with the sea? Perhaps we could make a phone call to Surf the dog and ask him these questions. No answer to the phone call.

Narration/still image/ thought tracking
So we can’t speak to sand dragon but we must try to think how is feeling as the sea has been gone for a long time and there isn’t any sign of it coming back. In pairs discuss how the sand dragon is feeling and then make a still image of how you think he is feeling.
“Please, please come back sea. Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me. You are my everything.” Use movement with the narration. Return to the still image and then tap them on the shoulder ask them how they are feeling they can response by saying a word or a sentence.

Creating the environment and exploring the world of the drama
Suggest that we should go to the beach and find the sand dragon and ask him what happened to make him so sad. What other questions could we ask? Let them come up with suggestions.
Divide the group into pairs. Use the materials given to make the environment and items on the beach. – the sand, the rock, flowers, water. Each pair walks around the scene and asks how the different items feel about the sea going out and never coming back. Ask how each item might help each other.

Everyone reflects on what has happened. How can we help the Sand Dragon? In pairs, come up with ideas. Decide together if we should talk to Sand Dragon. What should we say? What could we say to help him not be so sad?

Teacher in role/Puppet
TIR – as the sand dragon or puppet answers the group’s questions. He explains that he misses the sea so much and that he is just going to lie on the beach waiting for her to come back. Then devise a gauntlet and everyone must do an action or say something to help the Sand Dragon as he walks down it.

Treasure chest-Mime
The group thinks of things that could help the sand dragon to remember the sea. One by one they collect them and put them in the treasure chest. When everyone has done that they sit in a circle and pass the treasure chest around and mime taking out their item. They explain carefully what it is and how it will help the sand dragon to remember the sea.

Group sculpt.
In groups sculpt themselves how the dragon feels after he has accepted that sea isn’t coming back and that he will never forget it and that he has a treasure chest full of memories. Each group looks at the other and discusses what feelings represented.

In groups – write a final letter to the sea. Tie it on to a balloon and let it go.

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1 Jan

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