The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse – A Ten Minute Play


Characters: Town Mouse, Country Mouse, Country Mouse’s wife, three tree, three flowers, hedgehog, squirrel, worm, mother, father, child, cat, dog.
(Town Mouse is sitting on the stage. He is looking very bored.)
Storyteller 1: Once upon a time there was mouse called Town Mouse.
Storyteller 2: One day he was bored and he decided to go visit his friend Country Mouse.
(Town Mouse is in the centre of the stage packing his bag. He puts some cheese in it and then he starts to walk.)
Storyteller 3: Country Mouse was so happy to see him.
(Country Mouse and his wife walk on stage and give Town Mouse a big hug.)
Country Mouse: I’m so happy to see you. Welcome to the country.
Country Mouse’s Wife: You have had such a long journey, you must be hungry. Come sit down and enjoy the feast I made for you.
(They sit on the ground and the wife gives him some country food.)
Storyteller 1: Town Mouse didn’t like the food you get in the country.
Storyteller 2: It was far too plain for him.
(Town Mouse is sitting down, he eats the food but spits it out and makes a face.)
Country Mouse: I must show you around the beautiful countryside.
(The trees and flowers are scattered around the stage.)
Country Mouse: This is my friend the Town Mouse. He has come to visit the country side.
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The Wizard of Oz – A Play for Children!

Characters: Dorothy, Uncle Henry, Auntie Em, Toto, Good Witch of the North, Munchkins, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Wicked Witch of the West, Chief of the Flying Monkeys, Flying Monkeys, Emerald City Guard, the Wizard of Oz.

Song: “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Scene 1 – The Farmyard in Kansas.

(Curtains open, Uncle Henry is in the farm yard chopping wood.)

Dorothy: (walks on stage) Hello Uncle Henry, what are you doing?
Uncle Henry: I’m chopping wood for the fire so we can be nice and warm this evening. Where have you being?
Dorothy: We went to the woods for a walk and picked some flowers for Auntie Em and had a paddle in the stream.
Uncle Henry: Who were you with?
Dorothy: Why Toto of course! Toto, Toto come here boy. (A little black dog runs in.)
Uncle Henry: I wish all the animals on the farm loved me as much as you that dog loves you.
Dorothy: I love him too.
Uncle Henry: I know you do. (He continues chopping the wood and Dorothy and Toto play with each other.)

(Auntie Em walks on stage.)
Auntie Em: Oh Henry, I hope you have put all the animals away for the night. It looks like a big storm is coming.
(They all look anxiously towards the sky and the light darkens.)
Uncle Henry: Dorothy come and help me put the animals away and Em you get us some food and water. We will need it because the storm looks like it might turn in to a cyclone so it’s a good idea we spend the night in the cellar.
(They all leave the stage. Lights get dark, sound of wind and thunder.)
(Dorothy, Henry and Toto all come back on the stage.)
Henry: Everything is locked up for the night. The cyclone is coming we better join Auntie Em in the cellar.

(Henry runs off the stage but then there is a sudden crash of thunder and Toto gets scared and runs the opposite way. Dorothy runs after him. The cyclone has come and the lights flicker on and off. Dorothy finally finds Toto and they are thrown around the room until eventually Dorothy hits her head and is thrown to the floor. The sound continues on for a while and then there is a crash and everything is in darkness.)

(Curtains close)

(The Munchkins come in from the back of the theatre. They will improvise and interact with the audience. They will tell the audience about the Wicked Witch of the East who treats them like slaves and her sister the Wicked Witch of West.)

Scene 2- Munchkin Land
(Dorothy wakes up and a bird is singing and the sky is clear and blue.)

Dorothy: Uncle Henry, Auntie Em where are you?
(She gets up slowly and walks out and she sees some Munchkins and the Good Witch. They all bow when then they see Dorothy but the Munchkins run away and hide.)

Good Witch: You are most welcome to Munchkin land. (All the Munchkins start giggling but Dorothy can’t see them.)
Dorothy: Why thank you everybody you are most kind.
Good Witch: No, thank you so much for killing the Wicked Witch of the East and now all the Munchkins are free from her power.
Dorothy: I think there must be some mistake. I didn’t kill anyone.
Good Witch: (she points to the house) Well you house did.
Dorothy: Oh dear I didn’t mean to kill her.
Good Witch: You don’t understand it is a good thing now the Munchkins are free from her power.
Dorothy: Who are the Munchkins?
Good Witch: They are the people that live in the land of the East. They were the Wicked Witch of East’s slaves. And now they are free. Munchkins come out come out where ever you are and meet your saviour.
(Munchkins come out from where they are hiding and they go and examine the dead witch.)
Munchkin 1: She is well and truly dead.
Munchkin 2: There is nothing left of her except her ruby slippers.
Munchkin 3: Well done Dorothy you are new queen of Munchkin land.
(They all sing” Ding dong the witch is dead” and do a dance.)
Dorothy: But I want to go home to the farm in Kansas. I don’t want to be the queen of this place. (She starts to cry.)
Good Witch: Well Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore. (She comforts her).
Dorothy: But how do I get home to Uncle Henry and Auntie Em and the farm?
Good Witch: You must go to the Emerald city and ask the great and powerful Oz to help you.
Dorothy: Who?
Good Witch: He is a wonderful Wizard who knows everything. He will help you?
Dorothy: But how do I get to Oz?
Good Witch: You must walk. It is a very long journey through a land that is sometimes pleasant and friendly but sometimes very dark and terribly scary. But here, take the Wicked Witch’s ruby slippers. They will keep you safe. All you need to do is follow this yellow brick road.

(They all sing” We are off to see the Wizard”. They all leave the stage. And there is darkness. Dorothy walks on stage and there is a Scarecrow on the stage. She walks past him but the Scarecrow winks at her she returns and looks at him and then thinks she has just imagined it so she walks on.)

Scarecrow: Hello there!
Dorothy: (stops walking) Did you speak?
Scarecrow: Yes I did. Can you help get me down from this perch? My arms are very stiff.
(Dorothy helps him get down.)
Scarecrow: That’s much better. Thank you. What’s your name?
Dorothy: Dorothy
Scarecrow: That’s a nice name, where are going, Dorothy?
Dorothy: I’m going to the Emerald city to ask the Wizard how to get home to the farm to Uncle Henry and Auntie Em.
Scarecrow: Where is the Emerald city?
Dorothy: I don’t know I thought you would know.
Scarecrow: I don’t know anything because I don’t have a brain. (Pauses) I know, if I come to the Emerald city with you do you think the Wizard will give me a brain?
Dorothy: I don’t see why not. Come with me. But we must find the yellow brick road.
Scarecrow: What’s a yellow brick road?
Dorothy: A road made with yellow bricks.
Scarecrow: Oh Dorothy, you are so clever.

(He asks the audience have they seen it. They find it and sing “We are off to see the Wizard”. They go off stage. When they come on stage again there is a Tin Man.)
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Object Freeze


Age: 3 years+
Minimum number of participants: 4
Requirements: Clear space, lively music, CD player.
Other Benefits: This game also develops children’s listening and concentration skills.
Instructions: The children free dance to some lively music. When the music stops the teacher call out an object the children have to freeze in the shape of that object. If they move, they are out. The eliminated children get a chance to call out the object. You can use a theme. The following are some examples of different themes that could be used.

Halloween freeze
Witch on her flying broomstick
Bat flying in the night
Frightened child
Bobbling apple

Superhero freeze
Superman/Super girl
Wonder woman
Iron Man
Aqua man
The Hulk
Silver Surfer

Circus freeze:
Ring Master
Knife Thrower
Lion tamer

Belling the Cat – a five minute play!





Characters: (15) three storytellers, nine mice, chief mouse, clever mouse and the cat.

Storyteller 1: Once upon a time there was a cat
Storyteller 2: who lived on farm.
Storyteller 3: His favourite pastime was sleeping and chasing mice.
(Cat is lying in the middle of the stage purring and stretching. He sees some mice and he chases them).
Cat: Run, run as fast as you can. I will catch you one day. I always do.
(The cat goes over to the side of the stage and goes to sleep.)
Storyteller 1: All the mice on the farm had enough.
Storyteller 2: The chief mouse called an emergency meeting.
Storyteller 3: He wanted to stop the cat chasing and scaring all the mice.
Chief mouse: We must stop the cat. All the mice are frightened.
Mouse 1: Cut his tail off.
Mouse 2: Pull his whiskers out.
Mouse 3: I’ve a better idea lets kill him. (All the mice start nodding their heads and they start shouting).
Mice: Kill him, kill him.

To read the rest of the story click on the link below

Stage Start Two – 20 more plays for children
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Articulation Games


Articulation Games
These games will help to improve the children’s fluency with language. They also help to improve clarity of speech sounds and assist with vocal projection.
Game: Voice coach
Difficulty rating: **
Minimum number of participants: 2
Resources needed: Clear space, index cards with emotions written on them
Instructions: Choose a simple sentence, e.g. “I want a can of Coke.” Write one of the feelings listed below on each index card. Have one child choose a card and then say the simple sentence in the emotion written on it. The rest of the class has to guess which emotion the child is trying to portray.
Examples of emotions which can be used:
At the end, have the children repeat the sentence together, as they all use the emotion they have chosen from the card.

Game: Tongue-twisters
Difficulty rating: * to *****
Minimum number of participants: 1
Resources needed: Handouts with tongue twisters on them
Instructions: The children must start slowly and articulate each word clearly. They can go faster and faster as they feel more confident with the tongue twisters. If you have a large class, divide them into groups of four or five.

Some sample tongue-twisters to help you get started:
A skunk sat on a stump. The stump thought the skunk stunk. The skunk thought the stump stunk. What stunk? The skunk or the stump?
A tutor who tooted the flute, tried to tutor two tooters to toot; said the two tooters to the tutor: “Is it harder to toot or to tutor two tooters to toot?”
If Freaky Fred found fifty feet of fruit and fed forty feet to his friend Frank, how many feet of fruit did Freaky Fred find?
Pepperoni pizza on a pink-patterned plate with parsley on the side to your pleasure.
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers; where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?
Red Leather Yellow Leather Red Leather Yellow Leather Red Leather Yellow Leather…
She shut the shop shutters so the shopping shoppers can’t shop.
Unique New York; Unique New York; Unique New York …

Magical fairy tales -Improvisation


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Minimum number of participants: 4
Resources needed: Three lists: one with characters, one with settings, and one with objects
Instructions: Create three lists with the suggestions below or come up with your own. On the first is a variety of characters .
Here are some suggestions:
• Shrek
• Cinderella
• The Troll (from Three Billy Goats Gruff)
• Snow White
• The Wicked Queen
• The Bad Fairy (from Sleeping Beauty)
• Gingerbread Man
• The Wicked Wolf
• Buzz Lightyear
• Dora the Explorer
• Peppa Pig
• Mickey Mouse
• Little Bo Peep
• Pinocchio
• Jack (from Jack and Jill)
• Jill
• The Beast (From Beauty and the Beast)
• Little Miss Muffet
• One of the Three Little Pigs
• Prince Charming
• Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk)
• Ugly Duckling
• Fairy Godmother

The second list is a variety of places. Here are some suggestions:
• A castle
• A dragon’s cave
• A haunted house
• A jail cell
• A superhero’s house
• A dark forest
• A stolen ship
• A wolf’s den
• A dungeon

The final list is a variety of magical objects. Here are some suggestions:
• Magical wand
• Magic beans
• Magic kisses
• A genie
• Magical dust
• Magic ring
• Magic potions
• Magic carpets
• Magic lamps
• Magic swords
• Cloak of invisibility

Divide the students into groups of three of four and have each child choose a character. When they have chosen their characters, each group must choose one setting and one magical item. They can pick these randomly out of a hat or can choose from the list, whichever the leader prefers. In their groups, they make up a story with their chosen characters, setting and magical object. If they are more advanced, they can do an improvisation based on what they have chosen.

Rhino Chase – a movement story for children


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rhino chase

Ask the children what do the know about rhinos.
We know that they can only see straight in front so if we get chased by a rhino we must run in a zig zag pattern.

Tell the children we are going on a rhino chase.

We are going on a rhino chase, rhino chase rhino chase
We are so fast
So very very fast! (Children chant)

What do we need- ask the children what sort of things do they need to pack in their bags
Sunglasses, sun cream, binoculars, sandwiches, water etc..

We are going on a rhino chase, rhino chase rhino chase
We are so fast
So very very fast. (Children chant)

What do we see?
It’s rainy season in the jungle so we there is mud everywhere.
We can try to go through it, all the children go through it but they get stuck and start to sink. They start to pull each other out. They all hold on to each other and finally get each other out. Teacher can help with this?
What will do now? I know! Hop on an elephant because they are strong and tall and can get through the mud. Everyone hop on! Everyone rides the elephant through the mud. Moves slowly through the mud.

We are going on a rhino chase, rhino chase rhino chase
We are so fast
So very very fast. (Children chant)

What do we see?
A long river. Everyone lets get ready and dive in and swim across. Everybody jumps in. The water is very rough. We get bashed from left to right. We see a crocodile and jump on him so we can arrive safely across the water. We all crawl out of the river. We dry off and continue on our journey.

We are going on a rhino chase, rhino chase rhino chase
We are so fast
So very very fast. (Children chant)

What do we see?
We see big thick trees. We try to go through them but it is very difficult. We are all getting tired and hungry. We drink some water. Then suddenly we hear some monkeys swinging from the trees above. They call us so we swing from branch to branch just like the monkeys. We can make the sound of monkeys. Eventually we come out of the big thick jungle and we climb down the trees and continue on our way.

We are going on a rhino chase, rhino chase rhino chase
We are so fast
So very very fast. (Children chant)

It is getting very hot so we decide to have our lunch. We take out our lunch. Ask the children what they brought for their lunches? We eat our lunch and drink the water. Then we decide to relax and we fall asleep. Everyone is asleep and snoring. Then we feel some thing next to us. We still have our eyes closed and we put our hands out to feel whatever is next to us. We feel four hard feet, some very thick leathery skin and then a very pointed and sharp horn. We open our eyes and we see a great big fierce rhino.

We run zig zag through the jungle. We hear the rhino coming after us. We come to thick jungle and we climb a tree. The rhino is banging on the tree so we have to hold on tight. Then we swing zig zag from tree to tree with the monkeys and we get out of the thick jungle. We climb down the tree but the rhino is still following us. We run until we get to the river. We see the crocodile and jump on him and he swims zig zag across the river but we look back and see the rhino following us. He seems very angry. We crawl out of the river and keep running but the rhino is following closely behind. We jump on the elephant and he goes zig zag across the mud. We climb down from the elephant and run as faster as we can to our jungle lodge. We shut the door, lock the windows and hid under the bed and now we are safe we fall asleep.

The Gruffalo – Drama for young children


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The following drama is based on the Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

Children are in the role of Monsters spotters (Mantle of the Expert technique). Ask them what do they need to know about monsters? Ask the children what monsters do they know and what ones have they spotted?
They are in the Monster spotters office.
They get a phone call.
They need to answer – hello my name is …… Monster spotter office how may we help you? They can practice their telephone voice. Get them to go around and shake everyone’s hand and say

Hello my name is …… Monster spotter office how may we help you

The magpie arrives and claims that a Gruffalo has been spotted in the woods. This can be done by the teacher using the teacher in role technique.- The teacher takes on the role of the magpie by using a puppet or changing their voice or their appearance. . The children ask the Magpie questions - (Hotseating technique).

The Magpie hasn’t actually seen the Gruffalo. He gives the children information but it is only hear say. The Magpie leaves and the teacher comes out of role and asks  the following questions. What do they know about the Guffalo? What does he look like? We don’t know but we know that the fox, snake and owl know so we need to go to the woods to find them and ask them about what they saw.

The spotters go to the woods. The teacher has collected and placed pine cones, stones, leaves, sand trays, mushrooms, flowers, piece of bark, twigs all around the room. The children go and touch the objects and feel them. Talk about how it feels and the textures of each items that they have collected. They put all the items on a large sheet of paper. They spray paint all around them so that they see what shape they make.

Ask the children what kind of animals are found in the forest. Ask the children to imagine that they are one of the animals that is found in the woods. Then the children to make a sculpt of their bodies into their animal and freeze (Still Image technique). When the teacher touches them on the shoulder they must shout out the name of their animal and move like it the animal and make the sound of their chosen animal (Role Play). Allow them to make the sound and movement of their animal for a few minutes then the teacher shouts freeze..

Divide them into threes and tell them one of them is going to be the owl, fox and snake. Get them to imagine that they have come across the Gruffalo. Show the face of how their animal will react to seeing the scariest animal in the woods. Are they frightened or are they brave. Do they run or do they stay? They make a still image. While they are in the still image touch them on the shoulder and get them each to tell you one word about how they feel as their character (thought tracking). Then in threes get them to move as their animal (owl, fox and snake) (Moving Picture technique). Get them to say the following together.

A gruffalo? What’s a gruffalo?”
“A gruffalo! Why, didn’t you know? He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.” (Choral Speaking).

Teacher asks what sort of questions would the monster spotters ask the fox snake and owl. The sort of questions could be what does he look like? Why is he scary? Where did he go? When is the last time you saw him? Where was he going? Get the children to devise their own questions.

Then the teacher takes on the role as the fox, snake and owl (Teacher in role) by using a puppet or changing their voices or appearance. The children ask their questions – (hot seating).

The teacher comes out of role and ask the children
What do we know? What information have we gathered..

Using different types and shapes of materials get the children as a group to create an image of what they think the Gruffalo looks like.

Teacher out of role asks the children if they met the Gruffalo what would we ask him? Why is he so scary? Does he want to make friends. Is it hard having no friends. What could he do to make friends. Maybe we could invite to the wood party so he can meet people.
Teacher in role as the Gruffalo – children ask their  questions. They make friends with him in the end when discovers that he is lonely and wants to make some friends.

The Gruffalo is invited to a party in the woods with all the other animals and he make friends with them.

Esl Drama Game



emotionsGame: Emotional Orchestra
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Practice area: Feeling/emotions vocabulary
Minimum number of participants: 2
Resources needed: Pieces of paper with emotions on it.
Instructions: Each student in the group chooses a piece of paper with an emotion on it. You may need to pre teach some of the vocabulary but make sure that everyone understands their emotion. Go around the group and ask each student to make a movement and a sound that is connected to their chosen emotion. When everyone has done that explain that the teacher is going to be a conductor and when he/she counts to three he/she will conduct an emotional orchestra. Teacher counts to three and everyone makes their movement and their sound together. If the conductor raises their hands the volume must go and if the conductor puts their hands near their chest then it should be a medium volume and if the hands are by the waist it should be low and quiet. The purpose of this exercise is practice emotion and vocabulary and to get the students to use their imagination and creativity.
This activity can be used to practice other vocabulary
Jungle Symphony – (Jungle symphony)
Kitchen Symphony – (Kitchen utensils)
Transport Symphony – (Types of transport)


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